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Sep 17 2016 Compatibility is Important to MeCategory: General     08:55PM   0

Allow me to provide some context for this blog post, by way of sharing a recent Twitter exchange:

Anonymous Provider: "I get so many reference requests from ladies asking about guys I've OK'd on P411 - I gave them an OK - they're OK"

Me: "OK only tells me you saw. My philosophy: Employment ref wouldn't say 'she worked here' & hang up"

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Sep 11 2016 For Providers: How to Be An UTR EscortCategory: General     01:02PM   0

When I first began in the "industry," I did what many (most?) new providers do: I went on a date with a friend-of-a friend who agreed to see me and write my first review on The Erotic Review (TER). From there, having a constant stream of inquiries was easy. All I had to do was interact in the discussion boards, submit photos on the photo boards, and accumulate more reviews, and my mailbox pinged constantly. (Sorting through the off-putting hobbyist messages was a different story.)

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Jul 2 2016 From Whence We CameCategory: General     08:18AM   0

After 7 months on hiatus far away from home, it's almost time for me to return to the Sin City desert. My plane reservation is booked, making the certainty of my final trans-Atlantic flight of the year feel somewhat more real. I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to live my double (triple? quadruple?) life, transitioning between and amongst a few seemingly incompatible, yet surprisingly authentic, roles and archetypes: the student, the warrior, the lover... 

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May 8 2016 Musings During Hiatus #2Category: General     09:32AM   0

I've been away from the states for almost 5 months now, and my vulnerable truth is this: it's been a tough 5 months.

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Dec 19 2015 Musings #1 During My Sexwork HiatusCategory: General     02:23AM   0

One of the downsides to my non-sexwork job is that I can't just share what I want to share and say what I'd like to say. Today is definitely one of those days. You know, because security and stuff.

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Nov 20 2015 Life Happens to Escorts, TooCategory: General     11:03AM   0

In both Vegas and the Intel communities, something that has gone silent or is not performing is referred to as having "gone dark." Although it may seem that I've "gone dark" recently, I am still very much alive and kicking! What have I been up to?

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Nov 3 2015 Musings No. 2Category: General     12:55AM   0

This past week has been far more crazy than usual! I owe many blessings of gratitude to Curvey Coed Carly, Heather D'Angelo, Lorelei Leigh, April Luv, Vicky 34F, Tash, Kiwi, Holly Davis, Stephanie Styles, Bella Nicole, Cristian DeMarco, Craig, Top, and the rest who've added so much color and vibrancy to the last 3 days! From the Las Vegas Meet & Greet on Friday, to the Fetish and Fantasy Ball on Saturday (thank you, Michael!), to a lovely provider lunch this afternoon: what

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Oct 28 2015 Combat Veterans and Sex WorkersCategory: General     06:41PM   0

I recently received an email from a grad student and military veteran who found me through a Google search that had nothing to do with escorts, let alone with Eva Keene. His introduction was compelling; it seemed we have many things in common, and there appeared to be potential overlap in our research. He asked if I'd be willing to meet on campus to answer some questions about a presentation he'd be giving soon.

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Oct 24 2015 3 Frames for Answering the Caterpillar's QuestionCategory: General     11:29PM   0

Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite movies. I find myself constantly coming back to the caterpillar's question: "Whooo aaarrrre yoooou?" It's profound, really, that such a simple question rarely (if ever) has a simple answer. And yet, our business as escorts often depends on if, how, when, where, to whom, and in how

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Oct 18 2015 A New Caveat To My No Reviews PolicyCategory: General     12:23PM   0

(For a back-story on this topic, please see my previous blog entry: The Debacle With TER)

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Oct 8 2015 The Debacle with TheEroticReview (TER)Category: General     11:48PM   0

I recently had an experience with TER that could be easily overlooked or written off as “just another provider griping about what some of us already know.” I urge you not to do this, and this is why: I choose to be an escort because I enjoy escorting; I don’t need to escort to pay my bills. This is a very privileged position, and it is not lost on me that it confers certain responsibilities. Although I consider myself more of a lover than a fighter, I believe that one of t

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Oct 8 2015 Financial Literacy 101Category: General     11:30PM   0

One of the cliche, yet often true, traps of escorting is the upward spiral of earning and spending: the more money a lady earns, the more she spends in maintaining the increasingly more expensive lifestyle. At the extreme end, this means she may trap herself in the position of needing to be an escort in order to pay basic bills or to survive day-to-day, or to leave the industry--as the saying goes--without a pot to piss in. My hope is that someday, once our gove

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Sep 1 2015 MusingsCategory: General     10:38PM   0

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”  - Judy Garland

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Jul 27 2015 What does it mean to be a low volume provider?Category: General     04:00PM   0

In preparation for the launch of the new website, I asked for feedback from trusted friends. One of them, a male provider, suggested that I not reference a specific number of weekly or monthly dates to clarify what I mean by "low volume provider." Specific numbers, he said, would be a turn-off to potential suitors. 

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