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I've only been back from the Middle East since July, which means I can count the number of clients I've seen since then on two hands. There have certainly been times over the past couple months when I've thought, "If I would just switch from moonlighting to working more frequently, think of all the money I'd be able to put away!" It's immediately after those thoughts that I feel grateful for the life experiences I had before entering the erotic industry; the leveling realizations that there's more to life than money! Yes, academia is tough, and there are times when walking away tempts me as the far more lucrative, and far less stressful, option. But the reality is that, for better or worse, it's not like me to take the easy road. I might fantasize about the luxury of unlimited free time, but I'd lose my mind without a feeling of deeper purpose and goal achievement.

With that in mind, I have some very big news to share. Beyond the news itself, the fact of my sharing it with you is in itself not inconsequential. I'm about to break the arguably unspoken rules of the business; do something escorts aren't "supposed" to do, least not in a public forum. In doing so, I risk shattering the fantasy image of myself that is supposed to entice and titilate; the publicly visible persona that draws you to my website or to indulge in my company. Although it's true that that image may be far more an accurate representation of the real me than may be the case of other providers (we all get to choose the personal and professional boundaries that work best for us), to claim no strategic omissions about my everyday life would be a farce. (You see, as much as I like to pretend otherwise, I don't always hang around my house in lingerie. So sad, so very sad, I know.)

I've toiled over the "right" way to do this. I scoured the internet, talked to friends, and weighed the pros and cons of sharing the completely unfiltered me versus sharing a slightly buffered, fantasy version of me. It will come as no surprise to those of you who know me well, that ultimately my decision to share this news with you instead of disappearing on some sort of "secret mission" is largely a result of my diehard commitment to honesty and vulnerability--two things I think we desperately need more of in the world. In making this choice, I am advocating for the recognition and treatment of escorts as people first; human beings with personal dreams, goals, and meaningful lives beyond the business of escorting.

And so, without further adieu...

Eva Keene, the globetrotting secret agent, advocate, and scholar, is becoming a mother next summer! As of mid-November (the beginning of my 2nd trimester), I'm moving over the Agent Provocateur in my closet to make room for maternity clothes, and scrumptious dining with suitors is being [somewhat] displaced by late-night indulgences of pickles and ice cream.

For those of you who didn't immediately X out of this window, I imagine some of you may be wondering: What does this mean for the future of Eva as an undercover rendezvous extraordinaire? I asked myself the same question. The truth is, I have been completely surprised at the responses I've received from gentleman inquiring about scheduling dates in the coming weeks and months: a shocking amount of enthusiastic support, encouragement, and desire to book in spite of my news. Who knew?! I have since decided that I am willing to entertain a small number of dates during my transition to motherhood, but on a very select case-by-case basis. Otherwise, I will be investing in enough coconut oil and workouts to hopefully facilitate an smooth transition from petite paramour to petite paramour MILF! In the meantime, I'll be practicing orgasmic birth, massaging my growing breasts, and revelling in the gloriousness of being a life-carrying goddess :)

As a research aside, you may be surprised to know that according to Cunningham & Kendall's (2009) fantastic article, "Prostitution 2.0: The Changing Face of Sex Work," which is based on the most comprehensive survey of indoor sex workers that I've ever found (and I do research for a living!), nearly 38% of the ladies you meet in this industry are, in fact, mothers. (If you haven't read this article before, I highly recommend doing so. The cheat sheet to their findings of sex worker and transactional characteristics begins on page 54.)

I don't plan on leaving the community anytime soon. I believe in the potential value of sex work, for providers and clients alike. I believe in supporting those causes I believe in, even if I don't draw any immediate personal benefit from it. I believe in the sacred circle of sisterhood that can exist among women working together in the industry, and I appreciate the friendship and trust I have had the honor of receiving from the amazing gentleman I've seen (and will see in the future).

I look forward to what's next, and I'm keeping my lingerie ;)



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