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The following is one of many emails I've received from gentleman expressing their personal anti-review sentiments. I'm sharing it here today, with permission, not because I'm on an anti-review bent; I'm not. I support the freedom of every provider to choose the strategies that work for her (although yes, I do question the bounds of "choice" in this case, given that a choice to delist is constrained by the realities of TER as a marketing tool). I'm sharing it because I think it's important for gentleman who may be questioning their own gut reactions to the existing review-culture and review system to see that they are not alone, and for others to see that it is more than just female providers who support a more humane alternative.

Hi, my name is ***.  I stumbled upon your website via Twitter.  Alas, I live in Los Angeles so meeting up is probably not in the cards, I wish we lived closer!

So, why then am I writing you?  To compliment and thank you for your comments about TER.  Absolutely spot on.
I only recently re-entered this scene after 20+ years.  A lot had changed, some of it for the good, most of it because of the Internet.   At first I thought TER was a good resource, allowing a man to verify that a female advertising on the web was in fact a real person and not a scam etc.  I didn’t join TER in the beginning so I only saw the general review parts.  After a while I decided to pay the $$ and join since otherwise I was blocked from using most of the site.
So, yeah, no surprise about the “VIP Reviews”.  People were having SEX??!!  Who saw that coming?  Anyway, after reading half a dozen reviews, you realize it all starts to sound the same – “First she gave me an amazing BBBJ, then we did mish, then RCG etc. etc. etc.   Thanks guys.  Glad you’re enjoying writing your essay.
I had hooked up with a very nice girl in the meantime and wanted to write a review in order to help her.  But TER wouldn’t let me write what I wanted, I had to answer every stupid (and derogatory) category question and was REQUIRED to write a review in the VIP section.  So I wrote a few vague but positive comments (because I didn’t want to write anything graphic, it seemed insulting to this girl to talk in detail about our very enjoyable time together).  Then I got a message that I hadn’t written enough in the VIP section!  They wanted juicy details.  So I ditched the review altogether.
Too bad.  There is indeed room for a simple, user-friendly site that both helps potential clients and respects the women that are involved.  All a guy really needs to know is that the girl advertising is not a cop, not a dangerous drug addict, looks reasonably like her pictures and is honest and easy to deal with.  The detailed reviews are not only derogatory and demeaning, they’re unnecessary.  Unless you’re 16 years old (I’m 61) you basically can fill in the blanks.  A basic thumbs up or down would work.   Of course, even that change wouldn’t address the issue of bad reviews being given unfairly or as revenge.
So my take on review sites has done a 180 since I started participating again in the last 6 months.  What does work are personal websites like yours which allow you to show that you’re a multi-faceted human being.
Anyway, good for you for speaking out about this.  I wanted you to know that at least some guys feel the same!


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