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Today I started a task that is making me appreciate the plight of so many well-intentioned gentleman looking for the "temporary Ms. Right" in the vast expanse of the escorting underworld: I began looking, in earnest, for a lady to hire...for me.

I have many gorgeous, fun, and spectacular lady friends here in Las Vegas, many of whom I've shared the pleasure of pleasure with on multiple occasions. I adore them, and we have a lot of fun together.

But today, I decided I want to start looking for a different kind of lady:  the one who has the prospect of fitting like a favorite sweater and sexy stilletos all in one; the one who stimulates me aesthetically, intellectually, and energetically; the one whose touch says, "I'm here. ..really here... with you," and whose eyes dance with mine. She's not a performer, despite the transactional context of our rendezvous. She is fit, but not sculpted by a man's hand; she is self-assured, but not arrogant; she is poised, but doesn't seek perfection. (And if we're to meet any time over the next 4 months, she has to be receptive to being with a pregnant woman!) I know she's out there somewhere.

This process has certainly sensitized me to the feelings of overwhelm and skepticism that so many gentleman must face in the task of finding the perfect GFE. It's daunting! I don't want to have a checklist, but the fact of the matter is that certain things are important to me. I want to believe that everything I see and read about her is an accurate representation, but how can one really be sure?

For now, I'm taking my own advice about how to find a legitimate provider without review culture. I'm sure I'll find her, sooner of later. In the meantime, gentleman, I feel your pain.



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