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(For a back-story on this topic, please see my previous blog entry: The Debacle With TER)

I recently stumbled upon a conversation in a TER discussion board about "opinions on providers who say no reviews."  I couldn't help but wonder, "Is this man talking about me?" because frankly, I don't know of any other providers in the Las Vegas area who share my feelings on TER reviews (notice I said TER reviews, not all reviews). I also don't know of any who have as much to lose professionally (not as an escort) as I do from having nitty-gritty details of illegal activities posted about them, but that's neither here nor there. 

I had mixed feeling after reading this man's comments. When he stated,

I don't like, since it is my opinion that I do in fact have the right to review a service I have paid for, however given that this service is different to a regular civilian service like cutting my hair, cleaning my teeth at the dentist or dining in a fine restaurant, there are some grey areas about the hobby and I have included this as one of them...

I admit I struggled to process anything after the words "I have paid for," because I was completely taken aback by his apparent sense of entitlement. Once I calmed down and finished processing the rest, though, I could see that he also appeared to be a reasonable man; someone who worked through different angles rather than making a hasty decision or vitriolic assessment, and I respect that.

So I've given my no review policy some thought, and I've come up with a caveat that I think is more than fair: I welcome bad reviews. Yes, that's what I meant: bad reviews. If, after a date, a client feels that I have misrepresented myself in any way, I encourage him to write a review. If he feels I overpromised and underpreformed, I welcome a review. If I lied, stole, or in any other way did wrong by him, please write a review.

My dates are not cookie cutters, and an explicit review written by one person (although perhaps appreciated by a client doing his "homework") would not confer an accurate prediction of what specific activities could be expected by another person. So in that sense, receiving explicit reviews is likely to create a false sense of "knowing" for any potential client, and that is a lose-lose for both of us. However, I do appreciate the importance of reviews to convey other information, such that insights that could answer questions like: Did she show up on time? Did she look like her pictures? Did she try to up-sell? Was she safe? What was her personality like? Would you see her again?

I book my dates based on what I perceive to be a strong possibility of mutual connection, and I do believe (like in Maslowe's hierarchy of needs) that those top-level categories can't be achieved unless the foundation of basic needs have been met first. For both the escort and the client, I see overlaps in these foundational needs: things like trust (can I trust that you are who you say you are?), respect (can we hold each other in high esteem?), and integrity (are you going to do the right thing?) are just as important here as in any other type of relationship. They also don't take explicit sexual details to ascertain.

Maybe in the future escorts and clients will have a platform that facilitates honest reviews that convey this sort of information. Until then, this is my compromise.


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