September 24, 2016

"When I first came across Eva's website/blog/twitter, I was instantly enamored.  Her sparkling intelligence shines through her writing, and the pictures hint at an unbelievable sexiness.  Given her selectiveness, I contacted her well ahead of my trip, and was pleased by her prompt and thoughtful communication.  Despite my nervousness on our first meeting, Eva's playful yet sensual nature put me right at ease, and our conversation wandered effortlessly.  We ended up having a fantastic time together, and I've seen her every chance that I can get.  Eva has ruined me for anyone else."
- majohnal

October 21, 2015

"The title 'muse' defines my experience with this stunning woman.  A force of inspiration for the creative mind.  Having experienced several women of highest review, Eva tops them all. A true combination of intellect, compassion and inspiration.   Her background really leads to a deeper experience and not simply a transaction defined by meaningless TER abbreviations. I truly experienced a mind body epiphany with Eva as my guide. Our dinner date was so enjoyable that we repeated with another provider later in the week. She is friendly in banter and insightful in experience.  The difference is quite evident in this being a thoughtful excursion from her everyday life instead of a necessary means of survival. Her selectivity is a ticket to a true sensual experience.  I thank her for being my guide if only for a brief moment in time. Treat her well and you will be richly rewarded."
- Southgent

September 28, 2015

"Browse the companion listings and you'll see plenty of offerings maintaining that they're 'classy' and 'educated' and 'seductive.' And you probably wont notice the difference between any of them...until you meet Eva and see a living example of what those traits embody.

This girl is smart -- not just witty (which she is a plenty). And if you're wondering why I'm starting out with this information rather than just the physical exercises, it's because Eva is for those of us who want a little more in the fantasy: a arousal of the mind AND body (and maybe even a little soul in there too). You want to feel like you're getting to know a real person.

She doesn't seem to have a routine, she's not 'all about business' and going through the motions. What she is about, is a keene understanding of what a man wants. I don't know how she does it, but she knows exactly how to communicate with a man in a playful, seductive, fun, open-minded way.You'll quickly forget any of your reservations because you'll know that she wants to participate in your fantasy not just to make you happy (which she does), but because it makes her happy in return. If there's a topic too taboo for her to talk about, I've yet to hit it on it, even after pushing what I thought were the boundaries."

July 21, 2015

"My wife and I have talked about finding a female companion for a long time, but we put it off over and over because we didn’t ever agree on a woman and we were too scared to take the plunge. When a long-time friend told me about Eva, I thought there might be a chance. He said she had the spinner bod I love and that my picky wife would love this girl’s personality. Boy was he right! My wife and I looked through her ad together, and we knew we found the right one!

I emailed Eva and referenced our common friend, since this was our first time. She said she prefers personal referrals anyway, so screening was easy.

We agreed to meet at a local bar for cocktails and to calm our nerves. Eva was waiting for us when we walked in, and she greeted us with a peppy smile and hugs like we'd all known each other for years.

I could tell there was instant chemistry between her and my wife, and I immediately started fantasizing...

Overall, our experience with Eva was mind blowing! She was sweet but feisty, has a hot petite body to die for, and was a perfect combination of sensual and wild. There couldn’t have been a better first time for us!

Ladies and gentleman, this girl is a lot more than arm candy! Treat her well!"

May 18, 2015
"Eva is an extremly sexy, smart and confident girl with a down to earth vibe who really enjoys what she does. She is a magical unicorn that shouldn't exist in real life but really really does. If you are looking for a once in lifetime, "James-Bond" experience with a real life "Bond-esque" vixen then you're in luck.

I had an upcoming business trip to Vegas and needed to book something special. I reached out to an old friend and she suggested I see Eva who was highly recommended. I found Eva's ad and liked what I was seeing. She looked really petite yet toned, with sultry eyes and curly long hair. Almost too good to be true. I reached out immediately via email, then received a very professional reply. After a couple of exchanges I received her additional info and the missions was go.

I booked a suite at the Hardrock in Vegas and we agreed to meet for dinner and drinks. Eva entered the restaurant and was stunningly gorgeous. This girls wicked smile and piercing green eyes froze the room. The girl is mind-blowing hot and super smart. Within the first 30 sec you know she is going to a dangerous amount fun. Dinner and drinks where great, we talked about life, our dreams and the world.  After an amazing dinner we went upstairs to the suite... Note, this girl's body is insanely hot, if your thing is the hot, petite, toned, spinner, then she is perfection! 

She is perfect in every way gents, she's smart, sweet, full of passion and romance and but also sexy, frisky and really enjoyed the fun. I can't say this enough, but this girl really enjoys being your fantasy and is a surreal amount of fun. I have already booked a 2nd and 3rd appointment! I can already see she'll be a really bad habit;) Please treat her like a lady gents, she is one in a million."


History & Review Philosophy

You will not find me on any sexually explicit review sites. At one point, I had an active online presence in TER's discussion boards. However, after the following exchange with TER's administrators, that is no longer the case:

By eva.keene - 9/30/2015 11:29:59 PM
Why do I keep getting "You are not allowed to post messages" when I try to comment in the discussion board?

By TER Customer Support [1515925] - 10/1/2015 2:12:44 AM
Hi, It looks like you have a 'strict no review policy' thus, you have been delisted.

By eva.keene - 10/1/2015 8:42:31 AM
Did I miss a policy somewhere that says I can't take part in the community if I prefer not to be reviewed? Please point me to what I missed.

By TER Customer Support [1515925] - 10/1/2015 4:43:36 AM
If you do not want reviews, even if it is from new clients only, then TER is not the site for you.

By eva.keene - 10/1/2015 3:19:24 PM
Could you please explain this logic to me? Do you also delist men who choose not to write reviews? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but it appears you're saying the only value providers have on TER is their reviews (written by men). If this is the case, then wouldn't TER also only allow the men who write them?

By eva.keene - 10/4/2015 12:59:14 AM
If you post reviews regardless of the provider's take, then how does her review policy impact you? If your goal is to be a resource for clients, delisting providers solely for advertising as someone who doesn't want reviews is not doing that; it's taking the choice away from the client in an attempt to punish the provider--a provider who might very well be a good resource for clients in Discussion Boards and through Whitelisting. Advertising as a provider who doesn't want to be reviewed does NOT mean the provider doesn't want to or can't be a helpful resource in the community. By delisting the account, you are saying that the only value providers bring to TER is as the subjects of sexually explicit reviews. I thought you were better than that, TER.

10/6/2015 11:52:14 AM

Further investigation has validated my choice to opt out of receiving reviews on TER. For further information, please see this article about TER's problematic historythis one that discusses how review sites administered by client-turned-entrepreurs can do more harm than good, this one about issues in today's online review culture, or this page with plenty of commentary about TER.

In short, I believe that review sites should be honest, fair, transparent, respectful, and helpful for both clients and providers. I cannot support a review system that: 1) refuses to post client reviews unless the review contains sexually explicit and heavily moderated details; and 2) bans a provider solely because of her choice to advertise a no-review policy, thereby preventing her from participating in discussion boards, Whitelists, and communication with other members of the community.

It is unfortunate that so many providers must use TER simply because that's where 90%+ of business comes from; this is a problematic monopoly that is harmful to both providers and respectful clients, and one that needs an honest and transparent alternative. I believe reviews can be accurate and helpful to clients without the sort of coercive tactics used in the current review culture.

I understand that many suitors use such sites to "do their homework" on companions before booking. If this is important to you, please contact me and I will be happy to provide references from previous clients (with their permission, of course) or from other providers who can vouch for me. You can also find me on P411.

Also, please see my blog entry on this topic for a further caveat.

Website Disclaimer

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